Art Studio

I decided to create myself an Art Studio. I have a small amount of experience in building work- I helped build a log cabin and make a tiny home out of a shipping container and have also converted my van to live in. However this was a big job for me as I built it on my own without help and came across many challenges when building. I've rented a lorry container on a farm, 8x22ft and it took me three weeks in total to create. 

Once I had built the frame, insulated and put in the wall panels, I then got my electrics sorted and put on the heater, to find that as the roof was made of poly carbonate I had a major condensation issue. It was like a shower. As the walls were made of plasterboard, I couldn't afford for them to get wet from the condensation so quickly made a 'plastic net' to line the roof and catch the water droplets. This bought me some time to think of how to sort the issue. Not wanting to lose the natural light coming in from the roof I decided plants would do the trick. I bought some condensation paint to line the edge of the roof as to protect the walls, and researched plants which suck moisture from the air and so bought a variety of grasses, ferns, spider pants and ivy. The roof lets in enough light for the plants to thrive and the condensation issue had evaporated.. pun intended.. the ivy will grow along the string I have put up along the roof to act as a sort of net to catch any potential water droplets